10 brilliant bands that broke up far too soon

Metal Hammer

In a world where way too many bands outstay their welcome and plod on to diminishing returns, there is almost something romantic and beautiful about the untapped potential of a group who bow out early. In doing so they leave a legacy of the unknown, the unfulfilled or the criminally under-appreciated. Fans will pour over their work and speculate into the ether about that genre-defining third album that never was, or the festival headlining spot they could have obtained in the distance had fate not conspired against them. It’s time to give these artists their dues. This is 10 bands who split up way before their time.

Metal Hammer line break

Iron Monkey

The second half of the 1990s wasn’t kind to British metal, as Paradise Lost traversed into gothic pop, Carcass split and Napalm Death couldn’t decide who to get to front them, the scene burrowed itself back underground.


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