ABYSMAL DAWN, “Coerced Evolution” (Official 3D Music Video, 2020)

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Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Phylogenesis’. Release Date: April 17, 2020. Order here: https://smarturl.it/AbysmalShop

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Aimed & Framed

"Coerced Evolution" Lyrics:
Humanity is a thing we can’t sustain
Endemic vast disease of the earth is known as “man”
Cutthroat corporations bred a world we could not fund
Force sold a new existence
Embrace your obsolescence

Ready to die to live for eternity
With machine become one
As they rid you of these fragile shackles of mortality
Become more than man
They sold your soul to this corporate entity
Your essence is all but gone
Uploaded your mind to this virtual reality
A new era has begun

Reborn in this entropy we regenerate the earth
Captains of our industries exploit our new found world
Like the itching of a phantom limb feel the body you left behind
A psychosis in the programming rips apart the virtual mind

(Lead: Elliott)

I cannot live within a dream
Man was not made for this virtual reality
I begin to call out to scream
But no sound is made by me
There is much more than I perceive
A cold dying world beyond the walls that surround me
The mind rejects all that it sees
Defined by our misery

Am I still really me
Or projection of a self built from a fantasy?
Simulated life was conceived
To cull our societies
Is this air that I breathe?
Or symbolic act to ease the anxiety
The program you are is diseased
Devoid of humanity

Extracting our thoughts
To live in machines
Evolution coerced
By corporate beings
As our gatekeepers still
Walk the earth
We live on a grid
Stripped of worth

(Lead: Petroni)
(Lead: Elliott)

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