ABYSMAL DAWN, “Soul-Sick Nation” (Official Track Premiere) 2020

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Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Phylogenesis’. Release Date: April 10th, 2020. Order here: https://smarturl.it/AbysmalShop

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"Soul-SIck Nation" Lyrics:
(Music: Charles Elliott, Eliseo Garcia, James Coppolino)
(Lead: Folkare)

Words of reason allude fragile minds
The embrace of pain offers indemnity
The knowing victim self-prophesied
A life wrought from their own misery

A soul-sick nation
Of children lost and never found
A soul-sick nation
Is burning to the fucking ground

Wherever we go wherever we live
We’re haunted by our past
Our war-like minds in times of peace are agony
We want to move on we want to forgive
And take the higher path
But madness kills tranquility
The ones that exits to defeat us
Are demons that feast on the meek
They whisper their words from within us
To end it all
These voices inside that could free us
Live in uneasy harmony
They fight to destroy or uplift us
Which will you follow now?


Horrified by a wretched life of stagnation
We slowly doom ourselves to walk the earth alone
Selfish act of sickening desperation
Start anew; subdue the pain that’s never gone
Rewrite the past; provide your justification
Self-medicate until we are numb
Salt the wounds of petty condemnations
Never own the fact of what we have done
Can we save ourselves
From a life of torment?
A vicious circle with no end to come
Masochistic acts
Hinder our fulfillment
Thwarts the will and our hope to move on
Keep running further and further away from the demons you hide
Your shadow will follow you
Pick up the pieces of your shattered fragile mind
The shards you conceal still remain broken
(Lead: Petroni)
(Lead: Folkare)

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