Alexander Skarsgard Kept His Own Cloned Head As A Souvenir From Infinity Pool

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It’s an age-old question; what happens to all of the cool props and production pieces made during a movie? In some instances, the pieces are preserved in museums or in safekeeping by the studios, but in special cases, the items go home with the cast and crew. Henry Winkler famously kept some of his Fonzie jackets from “Happy Days,” to later auction them off to support charity. “Some Kind of Wonderful” director Howard Deutch later married Lea Thompson, who starred in the film, and the couple kept one of the portraits made of her character to hang in their home. And now, “Infinity Pool” star Alexander Skarsgård is the proud owner of his own cloned head.

Directed by Brandon Cronenberg, “Infinity Pool” is a sci-fi horror film about a couple on vacation in a remote land with a zero-tolerance policy on crime who find themselves involved in a tragic accident. Sentenced to death, the couple learns from a hedonistic pair also staying at the resort that criminals can have themselves cloned to avoid execution, sending the clone in their place. During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Skarsgård admitted he was given a replica of his own cloned head, swimming in a container of red slime as shown in the film. “I don’t know where to put it,” he told the magazine. “Do I hang it on the wall? Do I keep it in bed next to me? Do I leave it in the fridge to scare people? It’s quite disturbing; it’s very lifelike. And very dead.” Personally, I think he should hide it around his house in various places for people to stumble upon, like at the bottom of a laundry hamper or hiding behind clothing in a closet.

An Old-School Style Of Cloning

The Empire Magazine article also said that Cronenberg’s inspiration for cloning was rooted in magical realism, rather than hi-tech futurism. “It was all from the perspective of dreaminess and surreal impressionism rather than an attempt to reproduce actual cloning,” Cronenberg said. He hired a puppet and special effects designer named Dan Martin to assist with the creation, which meant practicality was king. Skarsgård was also impressed by the old-school approach to the cloning. “It’s not a high-tech facility,” he said. “They attach a hose to something and then a weird generator starts pumping, and that’s the cloning process.”

The traditional approach also meant that Skarsgård was stripped and dunked into the red slime for the shoot, like the world’s weirdest episode of “Floor is Lava.” But as the Empire interview presented, the leading man enjoyed his time in the titular infinity pool. “He has this profile as this Hollywood leading man, but he’s up for contorting himself and being the baby,” joked Cronenberg. It sounds like the shoot of “Infinity Pool” was an experience Skarsgård will never forget. And if he does, he’s at least got a severed head to help jog his memory.

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March 16, 2023

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