‘Beware: The Art of Goosebumps’ Book is Filled With Magical Goosebumps Cover Art


The covers of R.L Stein’s Goosebumps books were seriously half the treat. The stories were great and all, but there was something about those magical covers that really created a special moment. I remember just staring at a few of em. You kinda already would write your own story based on that cover before you would even open to the first page. That’s why Sarah Rodriguez, Tim Jacobus upcoming Beware: The Art of Goosebumps book is going to be a really great addition to the coffee table or bookshelf. 

The official description for Dynamite Entertainment’s Beware: The Art of Goosebumps.

“In the summer of 1992, Scholastic tasked two terrifyingly talented artists with creating the cover paintings for the books that would premiere the Goosebumps series. At that time, four books in the line were being market-tested by the publisher to see how young readers would react to R.L. Stine’s particular brand of humor-tinged horror. One element that was sure to catch the attention of little eyes everywhere was striking cover art, and, boy, did they find it!

The imagery provided by the covers of the Goosebumps series is part and parcel to the 90s Kid zeitgeist, helping to create a visual brand for R.L. Stine’s smash-hit horror series. The covers helped set the tone for the numerous adaptations of the series, including a television series, a theatre experience, and, more recently, blockbuster films!”

Beware: The Art of Goosebumps releases April 20.

To pre-order Beware: The Art of Goosebumps head over here.


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iHorror – ‘Beware: The Art of Goosebumps’ Book is Filled With Magical Goosebumps Cover Art
Author: Trey Hilburn III
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February 9, 2021

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