Blast Your Way Through Hell in Upcoming Shmup ‘Void Gore’

Normally, you wouldn’t think of a shoot-’em-up aka a shmup to be horror-centric. The closest you’d get would be Konami’s classic Lifeforce aka Salamander. That’s not stopping eastasiasoft and Panda Indie Studios, as Void Gore has you blasting your way out of Hell tomorrow.

Set for release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch via the eShop, Void Gore casts you as an ace pilot descending through the levels of hell in order to get rich in the process. Players will earn coins as they blow away supernatural horrors in the classic vertical scrolling shmup style, then spend them on upgrades to keep yourself alive.

Void Gore not only features “a classically gritty pixel art style with parallax scrolling”, but each level is randomized. You’ll also be chaining kills together to increase your score multiplier as you face off against other players on the leaderboard.

If you do fall while making your way through Hell, you’ll have to start back at the first stage. But at least you get to keep the cash you’ve earned to get your upgrades back to where they were.

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