Census Of Hallucinations – Census Of Hallucinations (Full Album)

Census Of Hallucinations – Census Of Hallucinations (Full Album) Census Of Hallucinations have been around since the turn of the millennium. They are much loved and highly respected purveyors of psychedelic spacerock with cool grooves, tentative weirdness and a well crafted approach to making music that expands the mind and stirs the soul. Perhaps the most cosmic project yet from the multi-faceted folks at Stone Premonitions . The lineup includes Terri~B on vocals, sampling and programming, Tim Jones on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Steve Ellis on keyboards, Rabbit on bass, and Norm Emerson on drums. They are joined by Kingsley Burn on bass, Dave Pipkin on drums and percussion, Michael Steadman on sax and flute, and Hardy is present with his trusty bomber.

There’s a great deal of variety across the 16 tracks on this self titled debut from 2000. Music to caress your mind and take you to beautiful otherworldly places, cosmic psychedelia, and, of course, songs… Tim and Terri canNOT resist a good song. And they’re intimate with the mechanics of recording, which means there’s a good bit of studio fun that either transitions between songs or make up the songs themselves. Tracks like "Integration", "Flying Humanoids", and "Holographic Theory" feature floating melodic psychedelia consisting of guitars, synths, and gorgeous textured backgrounds. A faint buzzsaw drone on "Integration" produces a hypnotic effect. Close your eyes and float away.

The more song-oriented tracks on the set feature the trademark SP songwriting craftsmanship, but incorporates just enough space electronica to give the tunes their cosmic edge. "The Moon" and "Orion" are my favorites of the songs. These folks can sing a great acoustic song and still make it mucho spacey. Freaky synths and tablas on "The Moon" embellish things nicely. And "Window Of Opportunity" is the album’s great groove track, much like a Rabbit’s Hat tune. Bluesy guitar, sax, a bit of a jazzy pop edge, but then you’ve got those freaky whooshing synths keeping everything in space.

"Lizard Man" and "The Big Pink Jam Sandwich" are the album’s main cosmic freakout tracks. "Lizard Man" is one moment floating, the next searing acidic psychedelia. Mix in lots of chanting and wild synth patterns and you get a wonderfully chaotic mindfuck track. Truly feel-good jamming guitar too. And for "The Big Pink Jam Sandwich"… fasten your seatbelts, close your eyes, open your mind, and prepare for a ride on the Starship Sandwich! Ten minutes of soaring cosmic space-psych that reminds me of classic Ash Ra Tempel’s tripped out guitar/electronica. Spacerock at its finest. Census Of Hallucination contains a variety of themes, all of which seem to synthesize the SP crew’s many musical interests, but carry them up to the most astral of planes. Well crafted songs and cosmic instrumentals. And all of it good medicine for your head.

Review by Jerry Kranitz

1. Spiritual Sensitivity
2. New Age Travellers
3. Integration
4. The Moon
5. Lizard Man
6. Charlatan Express
7. Flying Humanoids
8. Dear Prudence
9. Holographic Theory
10. Gaia Hypothesis
11. Majestic 12
12. Devil’s Answer
13. The Big Pink Jam Sandwich
14. Planetary Alignment
15. Orion
16. Window Of Opportunity
17. Spiritual Sensitivity (Slight Return)

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