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South African titan of metal Chaos Doctrine is now “Martyr” and it’s not quite the industrial banger you’d expect from them. Instead, Chaos Doctrine swaps out the mechanical elements of orchestras and clean vocals, all topped off with acoustic guitars.

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“When I wrote this song, it was so different that I wasn’t sure if it would fit our sound,” said Chaos Doctrine guitarist and production engineer Alec. “But, [vocalist] Dr. D loved it – and we realized ‘Martyr’ was just another way of pushing the boundaries of what Chaos Doctrine does, obviously without compromising our unique approach and metal foundation.

“Writing ‘Martyr’ let me explore facets of my guitar playing that I haven’t done in years – melodious riffs, a solo that is more old school rock than thrash metal, and the acoustic pieces that are reminiscent of late 70s Sabbath, or even the Randy Rhoads-era Ozzy albums. But, I still wanted pieces that are heavy, ensuring that the emotive elements of the track are very dynamic.

“I also wanted to compliment my guitars with strings to add to the overall complexity and dynamism of the song. This ended up being quite the adventure! Sure, we have done loads of keys in our tracks since the beginning, but never to this scale. Bigger ensembles is something we will definitely explore more in future tracks!”.

Complete with an angelic female choir delivered by Laura Cayser of Capgras Delusion, “Martyr” is nothing short of killer. Stream it here and make sure to keep up with Chaos Doctrine – they’re bound to get better!

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Metal Injection – CHAOS DOCTRINE Swaps Industrial For Doom On “Martyr”
Author: Greg Kennelty
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November 24, 2022

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