Co-op Survival Shooter ‘Aliens: Fireteam’ Emerges on Consoles and PC this Summer! [Trailer]

Much like an Alien embryo in the chest cavity of an unfortunate host, Cold Iron Studios’ Xenomorph-based multiplayer shooter has quietly been gestating for a while, just waiting to burst out and show itself. Well, now it’s finally shown itself with a reveal and first trailer ahead of its release this Summer.

Aliens: Fireteam puts players back in the shoes of the Colonial Marines (hopefully with better success than the last studio that tried) for a third-person, three-player cooperative survival shooter in an ongoing battle against the ever-growing threat of the Xenomorph menace.

The story takes place 23 years after the events of Alien 3, in a world where the Aliens’ existence is no longer a secret, and players must head into infested locations to eradicate the Hive and all its slimy, shiny monstrosities. You can watch the first trailer for Fireteam here.

The game features 4 campaigns, with three main missions in each that can have variable aspects in every playthrough including modifying ‘Challenge Cards’ and difficulty effects. Each campaign takes place in a different environment that’s heavily-inspired by locations found within the Alien universe.

Cold Iron Studios promises 20 enemy types, with 11 Xenomorph variants among them (so likely there will be an android-foe akin to Alien: Isolation‘s Working Joes, and the trailer does show a brief hint of a white-suited set of humanoid enemies). Some Xeno types are only found in certain campaigns with a mix of the classic designs like the Warrior and Queen, and new types such as the Burster, which is effectively a walking acid bomb.

Rather than draw from the usual movie characters, players will be able to customize their very own Colonial Marine, and select from five different Class Loadouts (Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc, and Recon) to take on the Aliens.

Let’s hope Aliens: Fireteam ends up being one of the better Alien games, if only to finally close the lid on the nightmare that was Aliens: Colonial Marines.

I got to attend a preview of the game in action last week, and my impressions on what I saw and heard will be on the site shortly.

Aliens: Fireteam will be on Steam, as well as PlayStation and Xbox consoles, this Summer.

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