‘Coming Soon: Arcade1Up Releasing The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet, Pre-Orders in July’

the simpsons arcade cabinet

Makers of not-quite-full-size arcade cabinets Arcade1Up have announced that they’ll be releasing a new cab featuring The Simpsons later this year, in the form of The Simpsons Home Arcade Machine.

Released back in 1991 by Konami, The Simpsons is a side-scrolling brawler where you and up to three of your friends battle against the oncoming bad guys as Bart, Homer, Lisa, or Marge. An unfortunate sequence of events unfolds which sees Maggie accidentally swallowing a diamond that Smithers stole from a jewel shop at the request of Mr. Burns. Naturally, Smithers kidnaps Maggie and in true arcade-style, Mr. Burns hires approximately 18,032,932 goons to try to stop the family from recovering their youngest.

The official synopsis for The Simpsons arcade cabinet reads:

It’s the first family of animated comedy, in a home arcade form factor! Originally released in arcades by Konami in 1991, this Homer-sized smash hit (well, even way, way bigger than that) has been clamored for by Arcade1Up fans since Day 1, and now The Simpsons are here!

“Don’t have a cow man!” we’re getting to the gameplay! Exactly how you remembered it in the early ‘90s, play as Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa, taking on swarms of Springfield’s wide cast of inventively ludicrous characters. Four simultaneous players, endless animation inspired fun.

As is the way with Arcade1Up products, the cabinet will include one more title that is yet to be announced. The fact that a trackball is installed as standard may be a clue as to what that second game is going to be. The Simpsons Bowling is the only Simpsons arcade title to use a trackball. Just saying.

The Simpsons Home Arcade Machine contains four full sets of controls and will be available to preorder from July 15. Pricing hasn’t been revealed, but the company’s other 4-player cabs go for $499, so we’d expect that to be the case here.

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