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00:00 Stranger Things Season 5
For many, "Stranger Things" Season 4 was no doubt a highlight of the Netflix franchise: Many feature-length episodes, plenty of action, and some scenes that are already regarded as classics in the series’ story. All the more reason for fans to be pleased that things are finally continuing with the final season…

01:31 The Batman: Part 2
There is news from the production of "The Batman: Part II". Producer Michael Uslan published an image and the date of the shooting start. Meanwhile, there are rumors about a new character in the sequel as well as the associated "Penguin" series…

03:08 Daredevil: Born Again
The Punisher is one of the most popular Defenders in the Marvel Universe. While there hasn’t been an update on the character, who has since moved from Netflix to the MCU, a big comeback seems to be on the horizon…

04:58 Alien 5: Romulus
With "Alien: Covenant", a feature film for the popular "Alien" franchise was last released six years ago. After the film was not really well-received and the predecessor "Prometheus" also fell short of expectations, the time has long since come for a reboot of the film series. Working title: "Alien: Romulus"…

06:29 House of the Dragon Season 2
One of the highlights of the hit series "Game of Thrones" was certainly the appearance of dragons. As a result, HBO added the spin-off "House of the Dragon" in 2022, which focused even more on the fantasy creatures. New information about season 2 now makes fans’ hearts flutter…

07:41 Star Wars Movies
When "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" was released in 2019, not only fans but also those responsible were expecting more. The movie series had to suffer a major setback and, as we have now learned, two upcoming movies have now been entirely cancelled. It remains uncertain what Disney’s further schedule will look like…

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