Doomed Nation – Doomed & Stoned returns with the new compilation »Doomed & Stoned: The Instrumentalists Vol. II«

Doomed & Stoned returns with the new compilation »Doomed & Stoned: The Instrumentalists Vol. II« representing instrumental bands from all around the globe. The second volume features artists like Atomic Vulture, Major Kong, Jegulja, Vinnum Sabbathi, Sons Of Alpha Centauri, Monobrow, The Spacelords, Heavy Trip, Frozen Planet…1969, Cancervo, Wild Fuzz Trip and more.

01. Sons Of Alpha Centauri – Solar Storm
02. ELCAM – Slice Alpha
03. Atomic Vulture – Jaguar
04. Saturn’s Husk – Mycelium Messiah
05. Gigatron 2000 – Röbötmönster
06. Thorun – Ivan The Terrible
07. Mantis Caravan – We, The Undead
08. The Spacelords – Plasma Thruster
09. Motsus – Kings And Queens
10. Major Kong – One Step From The Void
11. Lento – Hadrons
12. Monobrow – Argument
13. Spaceking – The Piper At The Gates Of Stone
14. Vinnum Sabbathi – Quantum Determinism
15. Heavy Trip – Mind Leaf
16. Dying Giants – Etna Volcano
17. Heavy Moon – Christian Death Cult
18. Frozen Planet…1969 – 900 Mile Head Rush
19. Jesus On Dope – Escape From The Void
20. Cavaran – Holy Grail
21. Cancervo – Darco
22. Wild Fuzz Trip – Mammoth Tower
23. Stondar – Encased In Stone
24. Jegulja – Trumpet In The Trench
25. El Jefazo – Drone Gato

“How many times have you listened to a new band and you’re grooving with the beat and digging the riffs, but then the vocals enter into the recording and it just kind of ruins it all for you? Instrumental bands have, in a way, solved that problem, though obviously most have higher artistic aims than simply avoiding a so-so singer.

Before us is another set of bands in our ongoing summer series documenting some of the outstanding instrumental talent in the heavy underground, consisting of a wide range of styles, but anchored to doom metal and stoner rock.

Volume I takes us around the world, from Poland to Peru, Italy to Ontario. Fantastic acts hailing from Germany, France, Belgium, and England abound, each with a characteristic style that is very easy to identify with them and them alone upon repeated listens. Overall, the character of this particular compilation is aggressive and upbeat, though I’ve left room for meandering psychedelia, introspective post-metal stylings, and dark, downtuned sludge.

We hope you will enjoy this as a thoughtfully curated listening experience and, in so doing, discover several new bands you’ll seek out to add to your record library.

Special thanks to Rob Hammer’s mum, who once again supplied us with her artwork for this ambitious new series!”

~ BillyGoat, Curator

Doomed Nation – Doomed Nation – Doomed & Stoned returns with the new compilation »Doomed & Stoned: The Instrumentalists Vol. II«
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June 10, 2021

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