Lisbon, Portugal based psychedelic stoner/doom trio Stones Of Babylon presents their sophomore studio album, »Ishtar Gate«, which was just released this Monday, November 21st, 2022 via Raging Planet Records.

The band coments: “We released our second album »Ishtar Gate« through Raging Planet Records. Besides the digital version and the streaming on spotify, we have a 300cd edition and also a vinyl edition of 200 copies in blue/greenish and 100 copies in classic black.

Notice that the CD and digital editions have 6 tracks, the extra track is »Anunnaki«, a re-recorded track from our debut demo/EP. The beautiful artwork was created by the incredible Soares Artwork.”

01. Gilgamesh (…And Enkidu’s Demise)
02. Anunnaki
03. Pazuzu
04. The Gate Of Ishtar
05. The Fall Of Ur
06. Tigris & Euphrates

Somewhere in Babylon, in a space almost lost in time, the eighth gate of the city was erected. Like any door, the »Ishtar Gate« symbolizes access to coded worlds, the closing of crossroads, or simply the thunderous force of power.

Traveling back in time to the ancient history and myths of Mesopotamia and the fertile crescent, Stones Of Babylon continue where they left off with their 2019 debut album »Hanging Gardens«: they start from song titles with the aim that the listener can embark on a journey and, somehow, be taken to the places of an always mysterious past that fills the lines of history.

With the entry of Alexandre Mendes on the guitar, there is an evolution in continuity, where, without losing the thread of the path followed previously, they intend not only to cement the concept of the project but also to expand it either through the composition or through the loudness.

Photo by by Ze Paulo

In this way, the six thick tracks that make up »Ishtar Gate«, intend to take the listener to feel an approach to the sounds of the Middle East in fusion with the densest and most massive riffs of the West, something like sonic mantras alternating between weight and subtlety and culminating in a psychedelic and travel atmosphere.

All music by Stones Of Babylon.
Recorded by Paulo Vieira at Brugo Studio, Lisbon, Portugal in August and September 2021.
Mixed and mastered by Paulo Vieira, October 2021.
Artwork by Soares Artwork.

Stones Of Babylon are:
Alexandre Mendes – Guitar
João Medeiros – Bass
Pedro Branco – Drums

Doomed Nation – Doomed Nation – Portugese psychedelic stoner/doom trio Stones Of Babylon presents their sophomore studio album »Ishtar Gate«, out now via Raging Planet Records
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November 22, 2022

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