Brazilian doom metal trio Riffcoven has unveiled a lyric video for the first single »Lamento de Ur« taken from their upcoming album, »O Caminho do Aço«, set to release on February 27th, 2023 via Cospe Fogo Gravações.

Lyric video by Macabro Design.

01. Cidadela do Caos
02. Lamento de Ur
03. Assalto Brutal ao Templo da Morte
04. Santo dos Assassinos
05. Encontro com Rama
06. O Vale das Mulheres Perdidas
07. A Torre do Elefante

Riffcoven returns to the battlefield with another release through Cospe Fogo Gravações label.

Bringing to the Brazilian doom metal scene an audacious record, totally in portuguese and with the weight of a war elephant, the band presents »O Caminho do Aço«. There are 7 compositions that challenge the listener to walk through a violent world full of myths, science fiction and fantastic literature.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexandre Chapola from Eguchi Estúdio, based in Jundiaí/SP, this new album brings the main characteristics of Riffcoven, with a notable evolution.

The mixture of styles and influences, brutal passages and mysterious ambiences set the tone for the stories told in each track. Even in purely instrumental moments we feel a force that pushes us towards adventure and the unknown.

Photos by Juliana Mingoti

A conceptual work totally in portuguese wouldn’t be complete without a brazilian artist illustrating the cover art. The master of fantastic arts Gustavo Pelissari not only captured the proposal but also took advantage of all the influences in common with the band to create a work that refers to the classic covers of comics and RPG books. On the shoulders of great masters such as Frazetta, Vallejo and Buscema, the illustration of »O Caminho do Aço« gives a taste of what the brave male and female warriors will face in the next 50 minutes.

Riffcoven is:
Old One – Drums
Rev. Bodefuzz – Voice/Guitar
Baron Graves – Bass

Doomed Nation – Doomed Nation – Riffcoven unveil a lyric video for the first single »Lamento de Ur« taken from their upcoming album »O Caminho do Aço«
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January 24, 2023

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