DragonForce “Heart Demolition” (CLIP)

Watch the full video right now at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDtaDWel5bs

Produced, mixed and mastered by Damien Rainaud at Mix Unlimited

Video Credits
Written and Directed by Masebrothers
Cast: Sébastien PETITJEAN, Aurélie ALOY, Luca GRILATE, Jérémy VAZZOLI, Mathieu CAILLIERE, a NINJA and a BEAR
Retrogaming Sequences by Jérémy VAZZOLI
Cities environments Pixel Artworks by Luis ZUNO
Editing, Color & VFX by Mathieu CAILLIERE
Voice Over: Mark Stahr
Production Executive: Allegoria Studio
Green Screen Filming: iCODE Team

Thanks to: Petitjean Composite and Thierry, VBC Production and Patrick Barra (Technicals), Laura Deruelle, Vanessa Grilate, Ronan (Megadrive) & Vincent Boulanger.

Visit Masebrothers at https://www.youtube.com/MASEBROTHERS

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Sometimes I wonder
If love has a meaning
Feels like the sadness won’t end
Sometimes I wonder
Why do we try
We’re looking for answers in vain

Every step I’ve taken
Led me closer to the edge
And I’ve fallen
And there’s no way to return
Lost and mistreated
By your words and by your promises
The lies were ephemeral
But the truth won’t fade away

Live it up
I know I’ll find the courage to be free again
The sun comes after rain
Live it up
The struggle has been real
But now I’ve gotta break these chains

Don’t wanna be
Another victim of love
No knife through my heart
Why don’t you let me go
Don’t wanna be
Another victim of love
I’ve done it times before
I won’t get fooled again

How many hours
Have we both wasted
Our life was written in sand
We took our chances
But love turned to hate
Nothing left but anger and pain

Our story turned to poison
And we just drank it all
It was burning down our throat
And flowing through our veins
The passion, the fury
Nothing was like it was meant to be
The truth is hard to face
But I’m done looking away

Live it up
I know I’ll find the courage to be free again
The sun comes after rain
Live it up
The struggle has been real
And I’m done playing games
And I’m done being the one to blame

And I know it will be fine
And I know that time will heal it all
And one day you will believe again
Cos I know, yes I know
So for now let it go

Solos: Herman / Sam / Herman / Sam

#DragonForce #HeartDemolition #retro

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