Free Whenever – The Movement (Full EP) Free Whenever’s unique blend of vintage psychedelia, dub reggae, eastern modality, and African rhythmic tradition leaves listeners fully immersed in a synesthetic sound experience. The band’s guiding philosophy and approach to making music is rooted in the ancient practice of long-form improvisation. Their self-proclaimed “psychedelic groove music” identity is built on intertwining, conversational bass and guitar melodies over a backbone of Afro-Latin percussion and punchy, hip hop-inspired drums.

Founding members Neil Guleria and Trevor LaVecchia started recording out of their Brooklyn apartment in 2020, covering a range of styles from trip-hop electronica to desert psych rock. As the project took form and its true identity revealed itself, LaVecchia brought his affinity for chordal movement and song structures to the bass while Guleria complimented with melodic and atmospheric layers. Born of a humble bedroom recording setup the duo has relied on to self produce and engineer several well-received releases over a lightning-quick two-year period, the band is preparing to unveil The Movement EP, their rawest effort to date. It follows Open Air, Jam Junkies, Vol I & II, all of which were supported by a slew of influential Stoner/Psych Spotify playlisters, Youtube music curators and a variety of websites, leading to a steady stream of new fans worldwide.

The EP is for soul seekers and wanderers of all types. According to LaVecchia, “It signifies the path forward. To keep evolving and traveling, energetic for the future and what it may bring." A glorious blend of captivating vibes, you may sense some Surprise Chef, the ethereal psych of Khruangbin or a bit of Skinshape in the breaks. Even the artwork for the single and forthcoming EP feels like complex code, or a visual language of those who walk the earth on their own terms.

1. Automobile – 0:00
2. Desert Wanderer – 2:46
3. Nightwalker – 5:53
4. Camino – 9:01

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