Friday One Sheet: INFINITY POOL

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Friday One Sheet: INFINITY POOL

I rarely do character-style posters in this column; however, Mia Goth is having a moment, so here we are. Design house AVPrint did a series of posters for Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, in ultra-tight closeup with a very high grain. This one, for Ms. Goth, gives me major ‘Robert Blake in David Lynch’s Lost Highway‘ vibes. If your aim is to creep out the viewer, one can hardly do better than evoke that particular scene.

Goth’s particularly expressive face was put to superb use in last year’s Ti West slasher double-feature, X and Pearl,  particularly in the latter, where she has a lengthy, unbroken scene in close-up. The remainder of the design features bold block caps with her name, the film’s title at the bottom at a jaunty pitch, and the company logos, sans credit block. These are more like teaser posters, although they came out only a couple days ago, and the film is playing in cinemas next week.

Note that all the key art for Infinity Pool is sure to disturb, in one way or another. 


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ScreenAnarchy – Friday One Sheet: INFINITY POOL
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January 20, 2023

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