Gorilla – Treecreeper (2019) (New Full Album)

Gorilla – Treecreeper (New Full Album) Treecreeper – the first full length album by Gorilla since 2007’s Rock Our Souls. Preserving the classic Gorilla chest beatin’, full throttle sound, Treecreeper’s 9 (-count ‘em!!!) slices of mind bending, shit storm rock combine elements of stoner, high energy, doom and heavy psych rock honed to razor sharp fuzz-toned perfection. Recorded in good old fashioned analogue at Moles awesome North Downs Studio, Gorilla create a none stop, white knuckle, maximum riffin’ HELL RIDE that will break your ears and loosen your rears! As one review of a recent show stated “Gorilla sound like Blue Cheer, Motorhead and St Vitus all playing in the same room at the same time”!
Gorilla are back to fuzz up your screams and rupture ya spleen in 2019!!

U.K.’s Gorilla describe their sound as “F*ck the safety net heavy rock n’ roll.” Truer PR words have rarely been spoken, as this under-the-radar power trio blasts a feedback-drenched, 70s fuzz n’ noise assault that sounds a whole lot like the bastard offspring of Mötörhead, Kyuss and Blue Cheer. Treecreeper clubs you with heavy, rowdy, and raw music, high on volume and attitude and low on refinement and social graces. It comes across like a live recording from some back alley dive bar deep in Donkey Kong Country where you’re almost certain to get banana poisoning and a black eye. Now that we have the general lay of the land, let’s get down to the serious monkey business.

The band wastes no time getting the party started with the hurly-burly, mega-raucous attack of “Scum of the Earth,” which is an album high point and a terrific example of what the band is all about. The music is heavily reminiscent of Kyuss anthems like “Green Machine,” with that same fuzzed out riff attack and fat, throbbing low-end. The vocals by Johnny Gorilla (no relation) sound like a young Lemmy after a particularly brutal bender. His hoarse snarl adds plenty of greasy charm to the dirty noise the band generates, and his guitar-work packs a ton of silverback swagga. The band goes for a moodier, trippier approach on “Cyclops” and it works quite well, bringing in elements of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats for an intriguing number.

A heavy Mötörhead influence takes hold during the loose, bluesy and loud “Gorilla Time Rock n Roll,” replete with cowbell and harmonica solos. It’s far from slick or nuanced, but the sloppy, jammy presentation conveys an infectiously fun vibe. Rampant Clutch-isms appear on the laid back but wicked groove of the title track, and the old timey 70s blues rock leads are great fun. This cut oozes a nostalgic kind of hippie coolness and the lyrics are somehow both dumb and oddly wise. Treecreeper is chest thumping, back hair fertilizing hard rock for the primitives and it’s more fun than a barrel of drunken monkeys. If you’re in the market for a take no prisoners album of meatheaded bruiser rock, this is your Magilla. Even the occasional blemishes can’t derail the boozy, woozy joy ride, and this thing packs more attitude than most albums you’ll hear this year. Go get your pimpanzee on.

Review by Steel Druhm https://www.angrymetalguy.com/gorilla-treecreeper-review/

1. Scum Of The Earth
2. Cyclops
3. Gorilla Time Rock n Roll
4. Treecreeper
5. Mad Dog
6. Ringo Dingo
7. Terror Trip
8. Last In Line
9. Killer Gorilla

Support Gorilla by purchasing the album here https://heavypsychsoundsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/gorilla-treecreeper



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