Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead – Self Titled (Full Album)

Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead – Self Titled (Full Album) From the opening bars of ‘Odyssey’ this music from the Hawkwind-esquely titled Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead sent me off on a real feel-good mood that keeps going for the whole length of the album, and then a bit after that. They are a three-piece from Valencia in Spain: Adrián (guitars, synths), Dela (bass guitar) Dela and Lucas (drums), and together they take us on a journey through the sonic universe that begins in the 1970s. It’s a wholly instrumental album, the aforementioned ‘Odyssey’ rises out of the speakers like watching the sun rising over a planet from space as there is a moment of shoegaze before the rhythm of this track bangs in and were away on a motorik journey to the stars.

If anything ‘Cult of Youth’ ups the ante with it’s high tempo rhythm section and repeato theme that gives the track a real sense of build… you feel like the music in not only becoming more intense but also dense before 2’30” in it ejaculates into a punk guitar before powering off in search of the cosmic edge. This isn’t space rock… it’s full on rawk. As everywhere on this album, they blend elements of kraut and other forms of 70s rock music into a blend that feels bang up to date. They bring the album home with ‘Event Horizon’, a large slab of clearly improvised music which is played with such freedom that you just cannot help being drawn into it. Like the rest of the album it just moves along with a sort of natural purpose as if it was a tune that was always meant to be played.

Review by Simon

1. Odyssey
2. Cult of Youth
3. Michael Faraday
4. Interlude
5. Event Horizon

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