HOLY GRINDER Deliver Us Some Noisegrind With “Heretic”

Metal Injection

It’s Monday and Monday’s suck, so let’s grind it out with a music video premiere of Holy Grinder’s “Heretic.”

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Welcome to the first, I believe, Monday Grind of 2021. More like the Monthly Grind, and as quick disclaimer, that is how this column is going to be probably until June or July. I am gonna try to pump out at least one a month, but I am not promising more than that. Okay, onto blast beats.

It’s time for some more Holy Grinder. This is probably the most covered band in this column if I had to guess and for good damn reason. Holy Grinder is a concrete chunk to the temple. The Toronto, Ontario noisegrinders have cranking out some of the thickest, harshest tunes since 2016. Their latest release Divine Extinction hit in May of last year and continued their aural onslaught. And now they have a crusher of a music video to go with it.

As  a quick warning, the video does contain extreme flashing and color change.

“Heretic” is the second track off Divine Extinction. It a heavy, noisy, even funky song that starts out like a doomy descent. And downward the noise spirals like a loop. The bass drums and vocals all intensify though and kick things forward with ferocity. It’s also a track that while plenty blasting, isn’t just blasts, contrary to what some might think about the noisegrind genre.

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The video is in a live setting and shot by the band’s drummer. After hearing this I would say it is time to go on a Holy Grinder binge. So queue this up, note the flashing lights warning, grind down, and then go grab their releases. Holy Grinder knocks out some of the best noisy blasts of any band in the game. Get grinding on this!

Holy Grinder Facebook | Instagram | Bandcamp | YouTube

I’m here, here, and here.

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Metal Injection – HOLY GRINDER Deliver Us Some Noisegrind With “Heretic”
Author: Christopher Luedtke
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February 1, 2021

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