How Machine Head’s The More Things Change… took ’90s metal to a new level of intensity

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While there may be some truth in the notion that metal was suffering from a lack of commercial muscle and media support during the mid-90s, it is equally hard to deny that Machine Head were instrumental in stoking the genre’s inner flame with their remarkable and groundbreaking Burn My Eyes debut in 1994. Along with the likes of Sepultura, Pantera and Fear Factory, the Oakland quartet were ably proving that heavy music could be both true to its roots and core values and focused on carving forward-looking furrows that pointed purposefully towards any number of brave new futures.

More so than even their closest peers, Machine Head had absorbed a broad palate of influences and combined them to create something of undeniable power and enduring value. Anyone who saw the band on any of their first few trips to Europe will be able to confirm that in terms of confidence, conviction and momentum, Robb Flynn and his comrades were pretty much untouchable, particularly for such a comparatively new band.

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