It was during one of these back and forths making The Death Of Peace Of Mind that things got a little, er, combustible. Noah was sitting at the desk in his room, working on a heavy, pulsing interlude called What Do You Want From Me?. As he built its synth loop and layered in some industrial drums, the sounds he was making began to attract attention. Entranced by what they heard, Noah’s housemates got involved one at a time, adding opinions and parts into the mix. Jolly was the last to join, at which point the room was crammed, but not enough to stop this session from going on for two hours.

No-one remembers who smelled the smoke first. In the haze of creativity, the acrid aroma somehow passed everyone by until it became unmissable. Despite the cheapness of the speakers being used, upon inspection they hadn’t blown, so the group opened the doors to Noah’s bedroom, to be confronted by a dense cloud emanating from the bathroom. “There was a fan in there, which was so dusty it had caught fire,” recalls Jolly now. “We couldn’t stop it so the fire department had to come and take care of it. Weirdly, they actually turned up in about two minutes, before I’d even thought to call them.”

It appears that making music so captivating that you stop paying attention to your surroundings is what Bad Omens do. But what does Jolly consider their M.O. to be?

“We’ve proved we can do whatever the fuck we want. That’s how we’re able to put R&B songs alongside metalcore songs,” reasons Jolly, with a caveat. “As long as we merge styles nicely, so it doesn’t sound weird and misplaced, that’s what we’re going to keep doing. It’ll be interesting to see what we do next, but I think we’ll always keep a foot in the heavy. We like rocking out and we’re decent at it, so if the songs are good they’ll be on the [next] record.”

Kerrang! – Kerrang – Bad Omens: “Most stuff people in our space are doing is kind of boring… I want to challenge myself and struggle when I create”
Author: James Hickie
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January 18, 2023

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