‘We Make Monsters Here’: Nightmares Swell Beneath the Surface in Richard Newby’s Short Story Collection

A prolific writer on the entertainment scene (and one of my personal favorite follows on Twitter), Richard Newby is a contributor for The Hollywood Reporter and his work is featured in the new issue of Fangoria Magazine (“Found Footage’s Second Surge”). His latest is a short story collection titled We Make Monsters Here, and the book was just released today.

Here’s the official synopsis…

“In a country built on dreams, nightmares swell beneath the surface. Monsters face job insecurity in a new age. A group of former friends gather for one last game. A pizza delivery driver’s search for the ultimate high becomes an odyssey in body horror. Romance blossoms between a DJ and a woman who wants to be dinner. A soldier returns home from war but isn’t what he seems. The lessons learned at a family dinner have bloody consequences. History darkens the present as an underground boxing match leads a young woman to a path of destruction.

“These stories and more sift through the pieces of 21st century American wreckage as the pursuit for identity and belonging take dark twists of fate. Discover what we’ve sown in this place we call home. Discover what happens when a society based on winning ultimately loses. Discover the truth, that above all else, We Make Monsters Here.”

We Make Monsters Here is available now in paperback and digital. 

Grab your copy today!

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