Marble Orchard – Building Monuments to Misery (Full Album) From the artist who forged Goat Bong, comes a new chapter in suffering. Plunge yourself into a religious fervor of penance and attrition. Steeped in the sounds of a Catholic Church, where only tears can pay your toll to heaven. Indulge yourself in divine suffering and rejoice in "Building Monuments to Misery." Marble Orchard consists of 3 mysterious members known only as Patris, Filii, and Spiritus Sancti, or by their titles Gran Inquisidor, Alguacil, and Calificador, respectively. Marble Orchard plays a Heavy Goth-inspired Doom metal that combines Catholic aspects such as the choir, church organ, and Gregorian chant.

The band is based out of San Antonio, Tx, but little is known of the trinity of members. Their biggest influence is Type O Negative. The band is the brainchild of the Gran Inquisidor, who wrote, produced, and recorded all the music. He also created all the artwork associated with the band, then proceeded to summon the other two members to play their parts in the ensemble. Marble Orchard delves deep into the realm of suffering, offering listeners a religious fervor of penance and attrition. The album takes inspiration from the sounds of a Catholic Church, incorporating elements such as haunting choirs, majestic church organs, and ethereal Gregorian chants. These elements are woven into a brooding atmosphere, creating a dark, melancholic experience that seeks to provoke introspection and emotion.

1. The Gathering Rites
2. We who were Born to Suffer
3. When All That Remains is Pain
4. Liar’s Tongue
5. A Brief Order of Confession
6. Desiderium
7. Hollow Men
8. Oils & Incense
9. Ite Missa Est

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