Midnight Pulp Streaming Service Hosting Friday the 13th Marathon Including ‘Ringu’ Series

Streaming all things strange, Midnight Pulp is celebrating this week’s Friday the 13th with a special horror movie marathon, all day long, all day strong on Midnight Pulp TV.

To some, Friday the 13th brings visions of hockey-masked psycho killers hacking up defenseless campers, but Friday the 13th is really all about bad luck and evil curses, which is just as bad. But luckily for viewers of Midnight Pulp TV, it will be a day filled with terrifying entertainment, with their day-long CURSED MOVIE MARATHON happening all day long.

Included will be a marathon of the complete RINGU series of J-Horror classics about a cursed videotape, featuring RINGU, RINGU 2, RINGU 0 and RINGU SPIRAL

Takashi Miike’s ONE MISSED CALL, the Taiwanese horror hit THE TAG-ALONG and the Canadian 70s cult favorite CATHY’S CURSE are also part of the lineup.

Midnight Pulp is for cult movie maniacs – action, horror, sci-fi and thriller films and TV shows – who prefer their movies with monsters, aliens, kung fu fighters, slashers, tough guys and all kinds of cinematic weirdness. There’s no better place to stream something strange.

Midnight Pulp’s free linear streaming TV channel is available via Samsung TV Plus, STIRR, The Roku Channel (US and Canada), Plex and inside the Midnight Pulp and Cinehouse apps.

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