MUERTAS VIVAS (LIVING DEAD) Exclusive: Chilean Splatter Horror Comedy Heads Into Post

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MUERTAS VIVAS (LIVING DEAD) Exclusive: Chilean Splatter Horror Comedy Heads Into Post

Screen Anarchy has your first look at Muertas Vivas (Living Dead), a new splatter horror comedy and the feature film debut of Chilean director Sandra Arriagada – pictured here with Tutú Vidaurre on her right and Belén Mora on her left. 

Filming wrapped up the previous week and I’ve been bugging Arriagada and one of her producers, Lucio A Rojas (Trauma), for some goodies to share with you today so we can get this on your radars. 

So we’ve just received a small batch of behind the scenes shots from the production and a press release as well. Arriagada and Rojas speak about the project. They also asked one of their actresses, Clara Kovacic (Abrakadabra, A Night of Terror: Nightmare Radio, The 100 Candles Game) to chime in on her experiences as well. All that follows, down below. 

Filming is happening, folks. Our friends are out their making movies once again. We are finding a way to get things done! 

After almost a month of filming, following all the security measures and Covid protocols, the filming in Santiago of the comedy / splatter, “Muertas Vivas”, written, produced and directed by the Chilean Sandra Arriagada and which has in the executive production to Lucio A. Rojas (“Trauma”, “Sendero”, “Apps”) and was co-produced with Muvi Rental. The cast includes Benjamín Castillo, Belén Mora, Tutú Vidaurre, Clara Kovacic, Camila Recabarren, Koke Santa Ana, and Yashira Somoza among others.

The film is the first film in a splatter trilogy with female protagonists, together with “MÁS SABE DIABLA” (to be filmed in October of this year) and MATRIA” (2022) starring Itziar Castro, a project that is currently running through festivals and production markets where it has successfully been getting international co-productions.

According to Arriagada, “’Muertas Vivas‘ is a splatter black comedy that laughs at the world of advertising, telling the story of three beautiful models who, while filming a very naive and pinky commercial for sanitary napkins, upon leaving the studio outside, discover that the world It has unleashed a zombie apocalypse and well, there is nothing left but to take off your heels, hit rotten heads and run for their lives.

As the film begins its post-production process Lucio A. Rojas tells us, “This year is being very complex for the realization of new film projects, where the big festivals are being carried out online or hybrids between public and online. For the same reason, we will dedicate the remainder of the year to post-production so that the film sees the light from the first quarter of next year, we hope, in a more controlling view of this pandemic ”.

Living Dead” is the first fantasy/horror film directed by a Chilean woman. Sandra said, “I just appreciate having the wonderful opportunity to do what I love. I worked in TV from a very young age and I fought to save enough money to be able to go away and make the movies that I do now. I started on this as early as 2018 and never thought it would move forward so fast. My Sandra from the past, the geek girl with comic books and glasses is happy. In the end the bullying paid off, haha. The only thing I feel is that the more female directors making these types of films, the more geek girls there will be raising their middle fingers and entering the wonderful world of creatures, monsters, zombies and gallons of ketchup. If I can help by making way for more women creators of genre films, great.”

One of the actresses of “Muertas Vivas” is the Argentine actress, Clara Kovacic. “This was an amazing experience. Muertas Vivas was filmed in Chile during the pandemic with an amazing team and cast, lead by the talented Sandra Arriagada. I can’t wait for you to see it, a marvelous splatter comedy of the Apocalipsis. Meanwhile, we are preparing for the new projects which are mind blowing. One of them is Malebolgia, directed by Lucio A. Rojas”

During the year, Sandra Arriagada will make her debut one of the directors of the APPS anthology, along with directors José Miguel Zúñiga, Camilo León and Lucio A. Rojas. Rojas points out that from the middle of the year, APPS will begin its journey from important international festivals to finding a home on a global streaming platform in the first quarter of 2022.

Muertas Vivas” now goes into post production and in August, it will premiere its first official trailer.

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ScreenAnarchy – MUERTAS VIVAS (LIVING DEAD) Exclusive: Chilean Splatter Horror Comedy Heads Into Post
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March 29, 2021

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