Metal Hammer

With the passing of the great polymath Sir Christopher Lee in 2015, it was inevitable that there would be some debate over who would succeed him as the actor deemed most metal. Michael Fassbender has spoken of loving Sepultura and Slayer in his youth, while Jim Carrey’s fascination with grindcore and death metal led to him famously hiring Cannibal Corpse to appear in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Then there’s Jack Black, who proudly proclaims his devotion to rock across various projects, albeit with a large dose of tomfoolery thrown in for good measure. 

But when it comes to an actor who not only loves the genre, but deploys that extreme intensity and nakedly bares his soul on-screen, few could be more deserving of the title than Nicolas Cage. Want proof? Look no further than 2018’s batshit crazy horror epic Mandy. In a near-40-year career that has seen him take on wild roles that have been acclaimed and lampooned in equal measure for their ostentatious delivery – coining the phrase ‘going full Cage’ – his role as Red Miller might just be his wildest yet. Starring as a desperate and broken man out for bloody vengeance after the horrific murder of his girlfriend, Mandy sees Cage going, well, full Cage.


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