“Langennut” is the second single and title track from the upcoming debut album of Noitila, due for release on October 20, 2023.

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Noitila’s music is an invocation of darkness, devil worship, death adulation, and ancient Finnish folk magic. “Langennut” (‘Fallen into the Chasm’) is a concept from Finnish folklore: a portal between reality and the realm of death, a bridge to places hidden beneath earth and water, tied to timeless magic and sexual mysticism. As such, the record was forged in a place where black metal is not just a musical genre but a spiritual channelling. “Langennut” is an offering from a band not defined by its influences but shaped by its environment, background, and primal connection to something beyond our understanding.

The band commented:

Falling into the chasm. Baptised in fire, lifted from ashes, slicing through the clouds like a call from the stars. To fall into the chasm is to travel between worlds, from our realm to the underworld, from the domain of life to the emptiness of death. The chasm can mean many things; for example, a saivo, a bottomless lake considered sacred by the Sami people, the female genitalia, or a seductive mental ravine. This perilous journey requires an exalted state, manifested by the frenetic tempo, potent musicianship, and enraptured lyrical delivery.

This ritual carries strong sexual energies, and to re-enter our world through the chasm at the end of the journey is to be reborn, with new experience, wisdom, and power. That is if one can find their way back through the labyrinths of the other side and succeed in protecting heart and soul upon return. The portal-opening mantra repeated at the end was received from the ether in an orgiastic moment: Fallen into the chasm, fallen into death, summoning incantations from the depths of the bottomless lake.

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