Now Available, New Book ‘Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels’ Spotlights 24 Unmade ‘Halloween’ Films!

Prequels… sequels… reboots… crossovers… they’re all in here.

Every fan of the Halloween franchise absolutely needs to own Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins‘ incredible book Taking Shape, which was released last year and covers the entire franchise “from script to scream.” The 400+ page book digs deep into the behind the scenes stories of every single Halloween movie, from the original classic through Halloween 2018.

And guess what? Sequel Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels is available now!

Authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins are back to bring you an inside look at Twenty-Four lost Halloween sequels you never saw on the big screen! Learn about these fascinating unmade visions direct from their creators, many of whom have never spoken publicly on the subject before. At 600 pages, Taking Shape II is brimming with untold franchise history. The journey begins with an insightful foreword by Halloween: 25 Years of Terror producer Anthony Masi. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the candy corn and settle in…

Taking Shape II covers:

  • An alternate Halloween III pitched decades after the first one!
  • Three unused versions of Halloween 4 – one with Laurie Strode!
  • Exclusive details on an early Halloween 5 – with evil Jamie Lloyd!
  • The Halloween 6 nearly produced by Quentin Tarantino!
  • An early version of Halloween 7 before it became H20!
  • Three different sequels to Halloween: Resurrection!
  • Insight into how a crossover with Hellraiser almost came to be!
  • Two different stabs at a 3D sequel in the Rob Zombie era!
  • A reboot with TWO Shapes! (And another with one hundred!)
  • A reboot that introduced the Halloween Multi-verse!

Travis Mullins teases, “Because Dustin and I are hardcore fans, we know it’s sometimes difficult to uncover anything new about the franchise. I mean, so much has been said already! But over the last two years, we’ve really dug deep, going where few have gone before, and are super excited to share what we’ve uncovered. It still amazes me that we were ever able to locate an original draft of Halloween 5 – the one with an evil Jamie Lloyd. I was almost certain the exact details of that would be forever lost to time.”

Dustin McNeill adds, “We also managed to dig up quite a bit about the lost sequels you’ve already heard of. Most fans know that Quentin Tarantino very nearly produced a version of Halloween 6. We scored the first-ever interview with the screenwriter behind that version of the film. We also interviewed Quentin’s hand-picked choice for director. So, we’ve definitely got new light to shed on that one.”

Watch the book’s trailer below and grab your copy through Amazon today!

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