Oklahoma State Representative Wants to Boost Tourism With “Bigfoot Hunting Season” [The Further]

COVID-19 has changed the world in immeasurable and uncountable ways; not the least of which is the financial decimation of countries, states, cities, and towns that rely on tourism for the lifeblood of their residents.

Perhaps this is why Oklahoma state representative Justin Humphrey (R-Lane) filed legislation this spring to establish a new form of tourism in a state known for three main things (a musical, hunting, and a massive amount of Sasquatch sightings and paraphernalia): an actual card carrying Bigfoot hunting season.

Under this bill, House Bill 1648, the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Division will be able to establish the annual dates of the season and create any necessary specific hunting licenses and fees as well as set the boundaries for equipment, participation caps, restrictions and regulations, and the subsequent fines therein; including one major sticking point:

Don’t shoot Bigfoot.

As such, Humphrey has stated he will be working with the state wildlife and tourism departments to work on the final language and legal terminology for his bill that specifies only the trapping of Bigfoot before the voting period begins. What will be considered legal trapping protocols or equipment is, as of now, unknown, but the idea of dozens of people jury rigging non-harmful Bigfoot traps is certainly an entertaining thought.

Sweetening the bait for prospective trappers, Humphrey also hopes to secure at least a $25,000 bounty for the first person to trap a Sasquatch. And this is actually trap, not a photo or “well it was here but…”

Considering Oklahoma and Bigfoot mythos go so hand in hand that one of its claims to fame is a 30 foot, world’s largest statue of one that resides by a gas station under the moniker “Gasquatch” it’s honestly a no brainer to keep using what may be the most sought after cryptid in the world to try to bolster their tourism industry and actually surprising that nothing of this nature has been attempted before. I truly hope this bill passes for the novelty alone. Can you imagine what these badges are going to look like?

As Teddy Roosevelt, who would probably have caught one of every cryptid by now, would say, bully for Oklahoma!

Thanks to Mystery Wire for the original report.

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