OUIJA JAPAN Exclusive Clip: He knows nothing, that’s convenient.

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OUIJA JAPAN Exclusive Clip: He knows nothing, that's convenient.

Here’s something for all you fans of Japanese indpendant horror cinema. Leomark Studios and TokyoSHOCK Japan are releasing Masaya Kato’s horror flick Ouija Japan, touted as a mix between Ouija horror flicks and Battle Royale, on Amazon Prime on October 1st. 

We have an exclusive clip to share with you today, more or less just to let you know that Ouija Japan exists and it is something that you might be interested in. What is interesting to us is that in the clip the housewives are brandishing frying pans and if you see in the trailer as well their brandishing swords. We don’t know what is worse. The quick death by sword or death by skillet. 

This is a thing that exists. 

It’s Killed Or Be Killed. Let The Game Begin.

Karen is an American housewife living in Japan who desperately wants to fit in with her Japanese community, until peer pressure forces her to play the Kokkuri-san (the Japanese Ouija) with the other housewives, unwittingly disrespecting a local deity, who sets them up to fight each other in a deadly game of battle royal. A mysterious app gets installed on their phones to aid them in their battle. It offers the women tools to fight each other, which they buy with credits. But they better be careful with their spending.

OUIJA JAPAN is a female-led action/horror film combining two popular horror elements: the Ouija and the Japanese Battle Royal. Discover the Japanese Ouija, how it differs, what it does, how it works, and experience a Japanese twist on the genre.

OUIJA JAPAN will be available October 1 on Amazon Prime Video and on Blu-ray from Leomark Studios and TokyoSHOCK Japan.

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ScreenAnarchy – OUIJA JAPAN Exclusive Clip: He knows nothing, that’s convenient.
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September 10, 2021

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