‘Prophecy : Botanist – Antirrhinum [Official Music Video]’

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"Cicatrix" is unreleased material from the critically acclaimed album Flora
A cicatrix is a botanical term that refers to scarring on a plant after it has been damaged. The title track of this EP refers to scarring on flora after it has been damaged by mankind. The tracks are from Botanist’s critically acclaimed release "Flora". It is the album that Dylan toured on when Botanist went to Europe and played Roadburn 2015.
The songs of Botanist are told from the perspective of The Botanist, a crazed man of science who lives in self-imposed exile, as far away from humanity and its crimes against Nature as possible. In his sanctuary of fantasy and wonder, which he calls the Verdant Realm, he surrounds himself with plants and flowers, finding solace in the company of the natural world, and envisioning the destruction of man. There, seated upon his throne of Veltheimia, The Botanist awaits the time of humanity’s self-eradication, which will allow plants to make the Earth green once again.

Thief uses samples of sacred chant music to form the backbone and textural bed of all its music. However in this release for the first time in Thief’s discography there is a prominent use of live drums and electric guitar.
Thematically the lyrics explore a spiritual pursuit of awakening through the experience of transgression and suffering. Can be considered the “companion piece” to the Thief LP releasing alongside this split, "The 16 Deaths of My Master" – they were written at the same time as the full length but formed into its own personality and release.

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