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The Abyssal Plain – takes listeners on a literal and metaphorical explorative trip to the darkest depths of the ocean.

Their take on black metal is as abrasive and primeval as you would hope from a band that draws their biggest lyrical influences from the furthest reaches of the ocean floor, far from even the weakest tendrils of sunlight. Their stygian take on the genre is chaotic and suitably lo-fi, but on The Abyssal Plain, the oppressive cacophony is punctuated with synth-heavy interludes heavily inspired by 80s horror movie soundtracks (think John Carpenter and Dario Argento).

Claire Nunez – Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Grimmtooth – Vocals, Guitar
Joe Milik – Bass
Oliver Weilein – Drums


0:00 – Counterillumination
01:27 – Bottom Feeder
04:24 – Brine Pool Aberration
07:12 – Trenches
10:35 – Loki’s Castle
12:07 – Hadal
13:21 – Pompeii Worm
16:55 – Chimera Monstrosa
18:55 – The Abyssal Plain
22:42 – Black Smoke
25:49 – Raptures of the Deep
28:01 – Eutrophication
31:51 – A Nagging Thought

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