Back to School With Red Candle Games’ Historical Horror ‘Detention’ [Safe Room Podcast]

“They don’t make ’em like this anymore.” Well, to be frank, they never made ’em like Army of Darkness, and given today’s stale slate of sequelizing, they ain’t gonna make ’em like this ever again. No, as years become decades, and time shifts ever further away from 1993, hindsight becomes kinder and kinder to Sam Raimi‘s second Evil Dead sequel.

Dumped by Universal in the chilly confines of February 1993, the Middle Ages-set sequel to 1987’s Evil Dead 2 received lukewarm reception with both the critics and audiences. Many — especially the devoted — applauded its ingenuity and total swerve from the cabin in the woods, others wondered why Bruce Campbell was such a blowhard.

What do the Halloweenies think? Well, grab some mead and hit the dungeon with the gang as they continue their journey towards Lee Cronin‘s forthcoming sequel Evil Dead Rise. In the first of two episodes dedicated to Army of Darkness, the gang shares their first experiences with the genre-defying picture before marching into its production history.

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