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It’s common to see pictures of legendary special fx creator Tom Savini caked in blood. When a new one pops up on his Twitter or Instagram account horror fans are clamoring, wondering what new project it may be for.  However, this was not the case when he posted a new gore picture yesterday, March 27.

Tom Savini

Savini, the master of gore posted on his social media accounts on the evening of March 27, 2021.  These were not set pictures from his latest horror film.  Rather, they were pictures of himself in a hospital bed.

A neck brace.  A hospital blue face mask.  A bloody head injury.  What happened to the make up artist legend who created so many of our nightmares, and inspired so many of our dreams?

With the photographs Savini explained he was in an accident while riding his bicycle.  He was struck by a car in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA that has left him hospitalized.

Tom Savini’s Twitter account

The information first came out when he issued an apology over social media to his fans.  He stated he will not be attending Nashville Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Con. He further explained his absence is due to being hit by a car while he was riding his bicycle. He claimed it “Left me a bit incapacitated and need time to heal.” The gracious industry leader then went on to thank the Pittsburgh responders who came to his aid quickly on site.

Statement from Tom Savini

He then followed up on his Twitter and Instagram with some pictures with the caption “Have you ever shoulder blocked an oncoming car and then shatter it’s windshield with your head?”

Tom Savini’s Instagram account

An audible gasp was collectively heard amongst the horror community in response.

The god of gore is 74 years young and has revolutionized the horror industry with his makeup artistry and endless imagination and ingenuity.  Many came to know of him in 1980’s film Friday the 13th.

If anyone has met him you know he has the upbeat spirit that can go toe to toe with any of the youngins who visit his table at conventions. The man is pure energy and unstoppable, and we expect nothing less than a quick recovery.

Everyone at iHorror wishes Tom a speedy recovery, and we will be sending our love and keeping him in our thoughts and dark little hearts. Get well soon, Tom!

Want to know more about the legend of special fx?  Check out his documentary on Shudder!

iHorror – Tom Savini Survives Accident – iHorror
Author: Piper St. James
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March 29, 2021

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