Sex Blender – Hormonizer (2018) (Full Album)

Sex Blender – Hormonizer (Full Album) What an extraordinary debut album from the Ukrainian Sex Blender. “Hormonizer” fascinatingly blends psychedelic rock with blues and stoner rock, carefully driven by a krautrock atmosphere, even with space for some drone inputs. Their music is instrumentally based, laden with heavy amounts of psychedelia and space rock, both of which resonate with enticing garnishes that one could attribute to krautrock. It is served in a most fluid state, chilled but with just the right amount of blues in an almost improv-like sonic decanter.

With the longest song here being a tad over 17 minutes playing time, “Pterozister” is the perfect place for the guys to stretch their musical muscles. They do exactly that in a variety of aural exercises, but first the song teeters within a very minimalist, stripped down state at its start. Atmospherically heady and immensely hypnotic, you feel as if you’re being pulled into the cosmic infinite right from the get-go.

On the other hand, “Das Morotik” is the album’s shortest song, landing just a bit shy of six minutes… but what an almost six minutes it is! Uptempo and chock full of energized groove propelling it, the track is a fine example of the more jammy side of Sex Blender‘s nature. These tripped-out Ukrainians have put sex in a blender, and it sounds way less painful than you’d imagine. In fact, it’s super cool and colourful.

Review by Pat Whitaker

1. Diver
2. Das Motorik
3. Pterozistor
4. Covered by Night (Shines from Within)

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