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Financing independent and ground-breaking cinema is never a safe bet, and it’s always been hard to get funding. But with the pandemic calling the future of cinema into question, there’s even less money to go around. “Right now, if you’re doing a film with Netflix, then you don’t have to worry about money because Netflix has a lot of money,” Cronenberg told Variety. “But if you’re doing an independent film and you don’t have Netflix, then it’s a struggle.”

It’s great that Netflix is willing to fund independent filmmakers, but their formulaic productions are bound to subdue any auteur’s artistic touch. “I think that they’re still very conservative,” Cronenberg admitted.

“I mean, I think they’re still like a Hollywood studio. I thought maybe they would be different. The difference is that Netflix can show very interesting streaming series from Korea, from Finland, and they say it’s a Netflix original, but it isn’t really — it’s something they have acquired. But I think when it comes to their actual production that they do themselves, they’re very conservative. I think they think in mainstream terms, that’s my experience with them anyway.”

The director was initially intrigued by developing a streaming series, and was excited by the challenge of a new media format. “I was disappointed because I was interested in streaming in cinematic terms,” he explained. “I thought that would be a very interesting experience for me as a writer, as a creator, and then also as a director.” He saw a Netflix series as “an alternative form of cinema, because suddenly you’re making eight or 10 hours of film,” per Indiewire. Sadly, Netflix just wasn’t ready for Cronenberg — not yet, anyway.

/Film – ‘Slash Film: David Cronenberg Never Would Have Written The Shrouds If It Hadn’t Been For Netflix’
Author: Shae Sennett
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January 15, 2023

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