‘Slash Film: Glass Onion Director Says Edward Norton’s Character Didn’t Know [REDACTED] Was Dead’

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While the Disruptors all seem to know of Helen’s existence, they don’t catch on to the truth because they have no reason to assume Andi is an imposter. Miles does, though, so did he clue into who his surprise guest really was at any point? Rian Johnson says the answer is no. After all, “Glass Onion” makes Klear that Miles Bron is an idiot. Supporting this, Johnson notes that Miles is just as shocked as the other characters when they realize “Andi” is really Helen. According to him, this is what Miles was thinking:

“If you think about the method which I show in that little flashback thing of him killing her, he drugs her, it’s not poison, her drugs her and he puts her in a car with the engine running to make it look like a suicide. What I imagined is that he sees her and thinks, ‘Oh s***, she survived. She woke up and turned off the car or something. Oh crap, it didn’t work, I have to kill her again.'”

As the flashbacks of “Glass Onion” show, Miles didn’t have time to stick around and confirm Andi’s death; the other Disruptors were on their way to her house too so once he staged the suicide, he hightailed it out. He even drove by Duke (Dave Bautista) on the road. When the latter gets a Google alert on Andi’s death, he tries to blackmail Miles and winds up dead.

At this point, you’d assume Miles would piece together Andi is really Helen, but even after he attempts to murder her a “second” time, he still doesn’t. Under pressure, he behaves like a cornered animal; he may be clever enough to survive in the short term, but he’s not smart enough to fool Benoit Blanc.

/Film – ‘Slash Film: Glass Onion Director Says Edward Norton’s Character Didn’t Know [REDACTED] Was Dead’
Author: Devin Meenan
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January 20, 2023

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