‘Slash Film: How The Atlanta Crew Channeled The ‘Effortless Chaos’ At The Center Of The Series’

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The characters in “Atlanta” smoke a lot of cannabis, in large part because they’re self-medicating for PTSD, trying to escape from their miserable reality into something a little less awful. Glover explains that the entire tone of the series was shaped by weed:

“We do everything high. The effortless chaos of ‘Atlanta’ — the moments of enlightenment, followed by an abrupt return to reality — is definitely shaped by weed. When s*** is actually going on, no one knows what the f*** is happening.” 

Whether he’s talking about the characters always being high or the cast themselves, Glover does joke about getting high off of the fake marshmallow leaf joints used as props for the series, so my guess is on the latter. (I also think he’s being a bit cheeky because cannabis is still illegal in the state of Georgia and they take the “war on drugs” very seriously.) There is definitely a quality to the series that’s reminiscent of being high, even in the horror episodes, with reality just beyond everyone’s grasp. Glover once said that he was trying to make “Atlanta” “‘Twin Peaks’ for rappers,” and the show’s surreal nature is definitely in tune with the weirdness of “Twin Peaks,” though I don’t think David Lynch and Mark Frost were passing a bong back and forth while coming up with their disturbing 1990 series. “Atlanta” managed to become its own strange, beautiful thing, and it’s not a surprise that smoking the devil’s lettuce was a part of that.

/Film – ‘Slash Film: How The Atlanta Crew Channeled The ‘Effortless Chaos’ At The Center Of The Series’
Author: Danielle Ryan
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January 14, 2023

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