‘Slash Film: Jason Lives! Sean S. Cunningham Allegedly Developing Reboots Of Friday The 13th And House’

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After a long drought of “Friday the 13th”-related content, we now appear to have two upcoming projects in the early stages. “Crystal Lake,” the Peacock prequel series, will be made via A24 by “Hannibal” creator Bryan Fuller. From the moment the project was announced, horror lovers have speculated that the show will center on Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother who was the killer in the original 1980 film. At a recent screening of “Friday the 13th Part 3,” Fandom editor Eric Goldman reported that Fuller did confirm Pamela would be involved, saying, “We’re honestly going to be covering it all. The series is covering the life and times of these two characters.”

Victor Miller is set to executive produce “Crystal Lake,” while Sean S. Cunningham appears to be involved in the project Bloody Disgusting is reporting on today. Jeremy Weiss tells the outlet that he and Jeff Locker broached the topic of a future “Friday the 13th” project with the original film’s director after working together on the upcoming film, “The Night Driver.” The pair also reportedly have another follow-up to an ’80s favorite in the works, as they said they spoke with Cunningham about reviving the “House” franchise that began in 1985. When they came to Cunningham with their ideas, Weiss said that “Jeff not only felt the same, but had very similar ideas with where to take both franchises.”

In a matter of months, we’ve gone from no “Friday the 13th” projects on the horizon to potentially two, but given the division of rights to the original, there’s a good chance each might look very different from each other. Hey, we’re not going to complain about double the slashers!

/Film – ‘Slash Film: Jason Lives! Sean S. Cunningham Allegedly Developing Reboots Of Friday The 13th And House’
Author: Valerie Ettenhofer
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January 20, 2023

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