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Given that Jeff Goldblum has arguably become more fascinating to his fans than the characters he plays (to the point where he has a show in which he travels around being simply dazzled and delighted by, well, pretty much everything), his backstory for David is probably on par with what you might expect: weird, unnecessarily complex, and bafflingly dark. In his mind, David’s father had been a World War II veteran who had later sent him to martial arts training. As Goldblum expanded to GQ in 2016:

“I think I had an athletic and multifaceted capacity for that. And I became very, very, very good. Dangerous, even. I ascended very quickly, along with becoming a piano player and a techno kind of student and master in some ways, until one day something happened in school. A big bully, a troublesome guy, was giving a hard time to somebody. Something unexpectedly emotional and passionate rose up in me. And I put him in the hospital. He almost died.”

Now, whether any of that — outside of being technologically savvy — registers on screen is up for individual interpretation. Obviously, David is a tech expert and almost singlehandedly solves the problem of how to defeat the alien invaders in the film. That said, given he was also apparently secretly a martial arts master, would it have killed “Independence Day” director Roland Emmerich to give him one little scene showcasing the ways in which his fists are E.T.’s worst nightmare?

/Film – ‘Slash Film: Jeff Goldblum Developed A Detailed Backstory For His Independence Day Character’
Author: Jeff Kelly
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January 25, 2023

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