‘Slash Film: Johnny Yong Bosch Returns For Trigun: Stampede, Confirms English Dub Release Date’

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“Trigun” takes place in the far future on the desert planet Gunsmoke/No Man’s Land. Vash is a seemingly immortal gunslinger, nicknamed “the Humanoid Typhoon” because wherever he goes, trouble follows. As a result, he has a 60 billion “double dollar” bounty on his head. However, despite his feared reputation, Vash is actually a goofball pacifist, not to mention a total sweetheart. In the original series, Johnny Yong Bosch always excelled at playing Vash’s humorous side, but he was just as good in the quiet, somber moments too.

“Trigun: Stampede” is produced by Studio Orange with 3D CGI animation, unlike the original series which was traditionally animated courtesy of the studio Madhouse. The first anime’s 26 episodes (aired in 1998 in Japan and in 2003 in the US) loosely adapted the early volumes of Yasuhiro Nightow’s original manga. Said manga kept going as “Trigun: Maximum” for many more chapters after the anime’s conclusion. However, “Stampede” is not a more exact adaptation of the manga, à la “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” or “Hellsing: Ultimate.” Rather, it looks to be a full-on reimagining of “Trigun.” The characters have been redesigned, most obviously Vash himself: he boasts a side-cut instead of his original spiky hairdo, plus his cybernetic left arm is more obviously metallic.

Milly Thompson, one of the main characters of the original manga and anime, is also absent thus far. Her partner Meryl Stryfe is there, but instead of an insurance adjuster, she’s a journalist accompanied by veteran reporter Robert De Niro (no relation to the actor). It’s unclear thus far if any other familiar faces, including Bosch’s old dub co-stars, will pop up in “Trigun: Stampede.”

“Trigun: Stampede” is streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu. New episodes air every Saturday.

/Film – ‘Slash Film: Johnny Yong Bosch Returns For Trigun: Stampede, Confirms English Dub Release Date’
Author: Devin Meenan
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January 13, 2023

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