‘Slash Film: M3GAN Would Make A Great Pairing With Child’s Play (But Not The One You’re Thinking Of)’

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When you think of Chucky, the hilariously vulgar mouth of Brad Dourif is likely what first comes to mind. He’s captivated the hearts of horror fans for over three decades across seven films and two seasons of television, while never losing a step along the way. But in that time, another challenger to the throne had emerged in the great Mark Hamill. Lars Kleverg’s 2019 “Child’s Play” remake may have garnered a mixed reception upon its theatrical release, but I’ll go to bat for it every time, with Hamill being one of the main reasons why.

Where the Tom Holland-directed film propped up Chucky as a Good Guy doll inhabited by the vicious spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray, the 2019 update took things in a more modern direction. Chucky was no longer a product of the supernatural, but an actual product created by the tech savvy Kaslan corporation. This time around, the red-headed toy’s rampage is caused by a disgruntled factory worker who disables all of the safety protocols on a singular Buddi toy, before shipping it off to the U.S. 

As a result, the artificially intelligent toy has no inhibitors to prevent homicidal thinking skills. While admittedly missing the mean streak of Dourif’s performance, this change allowed Hamill to form an entirely new path for the character, along with his own set of memorable kills. There’s absolutely room for both. When compared against “M3GAN,” however, the two share a lot more in common than you may think.

/Film – ‘Slash Film: M3GAN Would Make A Great Pairing With Child’s Play (But Not The One You’re Thinking Of)’
Author: Matthew Bilodeau
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January 13, 2023

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