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Rupert Grint detailed his time working with Ron Perlman in Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s “Moonwalkers,” a British crime film that explores the idea of a time when the moon landing didn’t happen, in a 2015 interview with PopSugar. Grint was familiar with the actor’s work but was very nervous about meeting Perlman. Luckily, he was relieved when they connected. Here’s Grint’s full quote from the interview:

“It was terrifying. I was so intimidated and nervous to meet him — he’s Hellboy! But he was so sweet, so much fun, and so funny. You don’t equate him with comedy, but he’s hilarious. The scene of our characters tripping on acid took us hours to get through. We couldn’t hold it together.”

The actor later told IGN that Perlman came across as “an imposing guy” when they first met, and he was “quite scared.” When Grint was finally acquainted with his co-star, it was easier for him to be more comfortable around him. The two shared plenty of laughs together, which made it impossible for them to film certain scenes in one take.

“He’s really sweet and hilarious and has so many stories. He’s hilarious and fascinating to be around and he’s really funny as well. You don’t really associate him with comedy but he was cracking us up, especially in that scene where he’s tripping acid. I remember it took us a few takes to get that right.”

Perlman anchored “Moonwalkers” with the physicality of his performance, while Grint had an opportunity to bring out his comedic side. It’s a comedy of errors with enough material to give viewers full-on belly laughs, and as always, it’s nice to see Grint taking on different roles.

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Author: Fatemeh Mirjalili
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January 21, 2023

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