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One of Carrie Fisher’s best but lesser-known roles was her guest spot as Hollywood comedy development executive Angela McKinnon in FX comedy “Legit,” a brilliant show that few people watched. In the episode’s most hilariously cringe-inducing scene, Angela is interviewing the show’s protagonist, Australian comedian Jim Jefferies (playing a skewed version of himself), who’s desperate to be cast in anything. Angela, lifting one leg onto her desk, offers a suggestion, one that she says has led to guaranteed steady work for other actors: He performs oral sex on her, making her indecent proposal using far less delicate language (the episode’s title, after all, is “Licked”). Jim is simultaneously horrified, confused, and more than a little uneasy — but winds up doing it anyhow, particularly after she repeats her demand numerous times. As Jefferies revealed in an interview with GQ, it took a certain amount of subterfuge and finesse to convince the network to allow the beloved “Star Wars” icon to say that profane phrase 13 times. “To get 13, we put it in maybe 30-something times so we could negotiate to that figure,” Jefferies explained. 

Following Fisher’s death, Jefferies paid tribute on Facebook. “Working with Carrie Fisher was a real highlight of my life,” he wrote. “We talked about life and love and loss …. and ‘Star Wars.’ She was funny, sweet and smart. The whole time I was acting with her I felt like a child. It was really hard to keep my cool.”

/Film – ‘Slash Film: The 10 Best Carrie Fisher Roles That Aren’t Princess Leia’
Author: Brent Furdyk
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January 19, 2023

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