Stay Home, Watch Horror: 5 Horror Movies Perfect for Easter Streaming This Week

Because we loved theming everything around horror, this week’s streaming picks belong to horror movies perfect for this Sunday’s Easter viewing. The Easter interpretation is literal for some selections, with picks set on or around the holiday proper. In other cases, we’re running wild with the holiday iconography or themes.

While this week’s streaming selection includes a non-horror bonus pick for its nightmarish Easter bunny, we’re avoiding the obvious choice in zombies. Any zombie movie or resurrection-themed horror would make an excellent and on-the-nose Easter watch, especially if it’s Dead Snow, which happens to take place over Easter. Alas, it’s only available to rent on VOD. Also, Holidays is a must for its Easter segment, but with just a small portion dedicated to the holiday, it’s also not included.

Without further ado, here’s where you can watch this week’s picks.

Basket Case – Tubi

Holidays are for family gatherings. Growing up, Easter was synonymous with Easter baskets filled with holiday-themed candy and chocolate. Basket Case has both a mysterious basket that leaves you desperate to see what’s inside and core family values. More importantly, it brings the fun. Frank Henenlotter’s horror-comedy follows Duane, a young man toting a large basket around New York City. It turns out that the basket contains his deformed Siamese twin brother, and both are out for revenge against the doctors that separated them against their will.

As Above, So Below – Netflix

At first glance, nothing about this found footage gem screams holiday material. A team of adventurers heads deep into the Paris catacombs in search of the philosopher’s stone. They soon find themselves deep in the bowels of Hell. It’s a loose adaptation or retelling of Dante’s Inferno, which tells of Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell, guided by the Roman poet Virgil. Their journey begins on Good Friday, and the pair emerges from Hell early on Easter morning under a starry sky. It’s the perfect, nuanced watch for those that don’t want their horror too overtly saturated in holiday themes.

Resurrection – Tubi

What’s an Easter list without a resurrection? Director Russell Mulcahy (HighlanderRazorback) reteams with actor Christopher Lambert for an underseen horror-thriller gem. Lambert stars as one of two detectives assigned to a homicide case, only to get enmeshed with a serial killer’s plot to recreate the body of Christ from his victim’s body parts. It’s gritty, sometimes trashy, and gruesome, though prone to some silly overacting. Resurrection clearly draws heavy inspiration from Se7en. If none of this sells you, look for a cameo by David Cronenberg as a priest.

Saint Maud – Epix

The most apparent connection to the holiday here would be Saint Maud’s initial release strategy for 2020. A heavy “she is risen” rollout for what was intended to be an Easter theatrical release included retro screenings of female-fronted horror movies for AMC. Of course, the pandemic changed everything. Still, Saint Maud appeals to the holiday’s religious aspect, with the eponymous Maud developing her piety through her dying patient. Choose this one for the psycho-religious, slow-burn chills.

Critters 2: The Main Course – HBO Max

If there’s a quintessential Easter horror movie to watch this Sunday, it’s Critters 2. Plucky hero Brad returns to the small town of Grover’s Bend to visit Grandma, just in time for the town’s Easter celebration. Too bad someone mixed up Crite eggs for regular Easter eggs. The pint-sized critters set their sights on the Easter bunny before letting loose their insatiable appetite on the entire town. Think of it as a delightfully entertaining Easter buffet.

Bonus: Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey – HBO Max

For the most part, this sweet sci-fi comedy brings amusement and laughs in equal measure. Yet it manages to introduce the most frightening Easter Bunny ever committed to celluloid. In the quest to prevent Bill and Ted from saving the world through their music, an evil plot sees them sent to Hell. Bill and Ted must face their worst fears, and for Ted, that means confronting an angry bunny over stealing an Easter basket during childhood. Bogus Journey isn’t horror, but this Hellish figure sure is.

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