‘Stoned Meadow of Doom : Bad Absalom – Bad Absalom (2021) (New Full Album)’

Bad Absalom – Bad Absalom (Full Album) Bad Absalom is a Sydney, Australia based quartet that released their self-titled debut record Bad Absalom after about six years of writing and playing shows together. A few lineup changes here or there happened during these six years. The ten-song album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Clayton Segelov and Angie Watson at The Brain Recording Studios in Sydney. This self-titled first effort combines the massively heavy tones of stoner metal with the pace and intensity of punk rock. The band’s energy does not let up one bit, nor does it disappoint. I’d say if you like hard edged metal styles, say for example Pantera, with classic styles of dark goth and punk metal thrown into the mix, well, you’re in for a treat. These are guys are intense!
“Captain Caveman’s Unhealthy Habit” has high octane energy! Biting guitar licks that are catchy, double bass drum action and a fuzz-metal solo. Heart thumping crunchiness. Next up is “Greys” – deeper, driving metal-ness with more awesome guitar riffs, sure to be stuck in your head for hours, and give you the creeps of a coming alien abduction. This one has a more goth metal bent – dark. “Don’t Talk to Strangers” features another tasty guitar riff and some sound advice to follow. Pretty solid double bass drum work, too.

​“Bullet” is a bit more on the punk/hard rock side but there are parts that are very classic metal too – Judas Priest perhaps? Lyrically, the words are extremely dark. Moving on is “Constable Catfish” and it features some fantastic, tense stops and starts between the verses and chorus. There are also some haunting keyboards in the background, giving this tune great, dark, goth-iness. Oh yeah, there’s a few swears in here, too. 
“Lapdog” begins with a drum solo intro and then, the crunchy, heavy, ear splitting guitar action kicks in. The drums are lively, funkier and coupled with the dark, heaviness of the metal guitar sounds offers a cool dynamic of styles. If you like fast action metal rock style with cutting and catchy guitar riffs, you’ll like “Drive Me Crazy.” This one’s got a ton of energy behind it and sounds like it would appeal to both fans and non-fans of this genre. I absolutely love the thick bass lines, guitar riffs and rhythms to “Live to Be.” This one is a straight up, no nonsense tune about drinking. If you like songs that are dark with plenty of a metal/stoner punk-goth rock edge to them, darkness has a middle name – Bad Absalom

Review by Jay Freeman https://www.divideandconquermusic.com/indie-music-album-reviews/bad-absalom-bad-absalom

1. Captain Caveman’s Unhealthy Habit
2. Greys
3. Don’t Talk To Strangers
4. Bullet
5. Constable Catfish
6. Mudchild
7. Lapdog
8. Drive Me Crazy
9. Live To Be
10. Mid July

Support Bad Absalom by purchasing the album here https://badabsalom.bandcamp.com/album/bad-absalom


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