‘Stoned Meadow of Doom : Malesh – La Danse Des Heures (2021) (New Full Album)’

Malesh – La Danse Des Heures (Full Album) Malesh is an Italian duo born in 2019 with the precise intent to explore the obscure realm of Ethnic Fusion/Progressive instrumental music. Their second album "La Danse Des Heures", based off of the homonymous painting by Gaetano Previati, explores the concept of the contrast between all the phases of a day, each one expressing a precise feeling, encapsulated in a unique story, more or less like Debussy’s Image Books: a collection of tales, each one with its own scent and color.

It has a rather minimalistic arrangement: a flute and a synthesizer exchange reciprocal laments for the abandonment of sunlight. The main character of this album is an old hag wandering in the woods. As the day unfolds, the hag retraces the same path she once crossed with her long lost partner, an innocent young girl who met a wretched destiny many moons back. The striving search for contact ends when the hag loses herself in the woods, being consequently banished in the realm of dreams, where she’s damned to relieve eternally her painful loss. Each song describes a memory of hers through a particular mood or episode, much like Debussy’s Image Books or Ravel’s Ma Mère L’Oye: a collection of tales within the tale, a continuous ekphrasis which contains the very essence of bereavement.

1. La Danse Des Heures – 0:00
2. Storm On The Sea Of Galilee – 9:37
3. Interlude – 16:45
4. Roaring Void In Vedic Lines – 18:13
5. Amygdala – 26:10
6. Her Somniloquy (Vespri) – 28:01

Support Malesh by purchasing the album here https://malesh.bandcamp.com/album/la-danse-des-heures



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