‘Stoned Meadow of Doom : The Cosmic Trip Advisors – Same, same…but different (2020) (Full Album)’

The Cosmic Trip Advisors – Same, same…but different (Full Album) The Cosmic Trip Advisors hail from West Lothian in Scotland and are a rock ’n’ roll band with a heart of soul. Rock ’n’ Soul, if you will. Same, same…but different is a live studio performance of Wrong again, Albert… In a world before the Apocalypse, when bands could meet of an evening in dark fragrant rooms, strewn with crumpled beer cans and ashtrays, overflowing with the charred remains of epic jams and goofy grins, The Cosmic Trip Advisors assembled. There was little purpose to their gathering, it was just another rehearsal. But the vibes were good, the creative cogs were lubricated and somebody remembered to press the big red record button. And with that simple flick of a switch, this album was born.

It’s a bit loosey. It’s a bit goosey. It’s occasionally a wee bit out of tuney. More importantly, it’s a joyous, swaggering romp through the entire “Wrong again, Albert…” album. There are no 2nd takes, safety nets, overdubs or sneaky cheats. This is what the album would have sounded like if it was recorded at a keg party in an hour with six months more rehearsal under our belt. The icing on the cake is Lesley’s incendiary vocal performance throughout. If you loved her singing on “Wrong again, Albert…”, just wait until you hear what she’s pulled out of the bag this time. This is the debut album’s unintentionally saucy little sister. You know, the dirty one you wish you’d met first. In short, it’s same, same…but different.

1. Oh My My My!
2. Sleazy Does It
3. Lonely Since I Met Ya
4. Had To Have It
5. Feeling Low
6. Such Is Life
7. Ledz Boogie
8. I Got It Going On
9. Bottle In Me
10. Firecracker Blues
11. Tongue Tied

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