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Stormo is now streaming their new single “Sorte” and it’s pretty nuts. The single rages through its runtime with punk-infused energy, though some of the strange microtonal bits and yelled vocals give the whole thing a very unique flavor. It’s awesome.

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“We’re more than glad to announce the planned release of our new album through Prosthetic Records!” said vocalist Luca Rocco. “The label is currently working with some of our favorite bands. We couldn’t have imagined a better home for Stormo.

“The album speaks about the death of the world as we know it and its transformation into something different. Endocannibalismo is namely the practice of consuming parts of dead relatives in a display of mourning and to free the deceased’s soul. We’re being consumed by the cosmo and understanding death as transformation could probably lead us to a better world, ecologically and socially speaking.

“In ‘Sorte’ we tried to approach a kind of different sound, we used microtonal guitar and bass and we wanted to write a song that was fuzzy, psych, simple, heavy but still attributable to our own sound. It took some time but eventually it worked pretty well.”

Endocannibalismo is out February 10. Pre-orders are available here.

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Metal Injection – STORMO Rages Through New Single “Sorte”
Author: Greg Kennelty
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November 17, 2022

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